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Entrepreneur & Web Developer. Based in Albania. I'm an Influencer & Digital Marketing Expert

I am an Entrepreneur, Influencer ,Social Video & Marketing Expert, from Albania. ... Dalip Celbeqiri is one of the pioneers of social media content the way we know it today. At age 20 in 2015, while a student at European University of Tirana, he founded DIY Simple and Creative Ideas , two of the most popular social video and entertainment internet companies in the world with an astonishing combined following of 20 million people around the globe. Regarded as a ‘Facebook genius’, Dalip is now an acclaimed professional entrepreneur. - Crunchbase

My Services

Social Media

I offer social media management for all social platforms...


Using social media for your brand today is mandatory and i can offer Brand developement for your company or product...


Being a Social Marketing Expert, has helped me drive millions og visitors for different brands in which most cases have translated into sales for them ...

Web Design

Web design is a similar process of creation, with the intention of presenting the content on electronic pages ...

Content Strategy

I offer strategies for viral content in all social platforms


I offer support for all issues related to my work such as Entrepreneurship support, Social Media Support, Brand Support and much more...

My Books

Author : Dalip Celbeqiri
Publisher: Omega Publishers

A lot of people who have worked for start-ups have the dream to start their own businesses.
For everyone who actually takes the step to start their business, building it till it becomes
successful and sustainable is the goal.
Building a successful business will take its toll on you.
It is a life changing decision and you need to get into it prepared
to give what it takes to survive and thrive.
This book is a perfect guide for those are planning to start a successful business.

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